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In order to guarantee our main aim to our clients of the highest swiftness and efficiency, our service is complete:

1. The pick-up is made directly upon the client’s site or warehouse.

2. The transport is carried out by us at all times, no subcontractors are hired; besides, our collaborations with a series of agriculturists allow us to make groupages of fruit.

3. And finally, delivery is made at the different markets both in Spain and abroad.

Transports Pascual works NATIONWIDE, which includes mainland Spain and Portugal, and INTERNATIONALLY, with daily trucks to Perpignan, Paris, Lyon, Lille, Brussels, The Netherlands, Germany and Milano.

Transports Pascual works 24/7 for its clients, another factor that allows us to guarantee rapidity and effectiveness to our services, as well as the best prices.

As for the merchandise, Transports Pascual is specialized in transport of fruit, dairy products and frozen goods. Nonetheless, our long experience, our large fleet and our commitment with efficiency and swiftness, allow us to deal with any other transport service you may need.